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Ann Guilbeault (2012-2015) (2017-Present)


Ann Guilbeault (2012-2015) (2017-Present)
Math & Science Consultant
Eastern Shores School Board



To improve classroom instruction (including my own) by developing strong professional relationships, focused on trustful collaboration.

Personal learning:

To identify the tools and habits of a great math teacher! To deconstruct teaching and define the elements that are the most effective in engaging students and helping them learn.

Why are you part of the Lead Data Team?

I enjoy being part of a diverse community and meeting people with different roles to share our experiences. It’s useful to always question what data is and how it’s used and being on the LDT allows us the time and space to do that.



EBP Action Research:

Developing teacher competency to facilitate classroom discourse in maths. 

ESSB initiatives:

  • RTI implementation and Support, 2017
  • Authentic Inquiry Project

PD delivered:

  • 6 RTI workshops, 2017
  • Cycle 1 Math workshop, 2017

What improvement model(s) is ESSB using?

  • RTI
  • PLCs

What do you spend your learning time on? 

Learning more about educational psychology (mindsets) and neuroscience. We’re not focused enough on the emotional aspects of learning and the impact of the mind/body connection on learning.

My experience

Title & roles: 

Educational Consultant, Mathematics and Science

Conferences & training attended: 

  • Solution Tree workshops
  • RTI, 2017
  • Achieving Excellence for indigenous communities and learners, 2017
  • Elementary Math Focus, 2015-2018

What’s on your bookshelf?