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Data & Lumix Fairs 1-4

Data & Lumix Fairs 1-4


The LUMIX-FAIR, organized by the Evidence-based Practice Project, was created to provide an opportunity for exchange between LUMIX users across the nine Quebec English School Boards, and to create an informal network that would encourage the sharing of information and resources. There were four fairs organised between 2012 and 2015, to which all school boards were invited. The activities provided throughout the four fairs focused on building the capacity of the English school community with regards to the development, implementation and use of the Lumix tool.

LUMIX is a GRICS data processing tool designed to track student performance. Through the user-friendly interface of customized dashboards, drilling down for a more detailed analysis of data is possible, such as by gender, cohort and postal codes. The data can be used to monitor the objectives of MELS partnership agreements and educational success plans (MESA) and help school boards and schools make informed decisions based on available results.  

The four fairs each had a slightly different focus, from creating a portrait of each board's needs and uses of LUMIX to addressing the first three goals of the MELS Partnership Agreement, and the Work-Oriented Training Path (WOTP). The final fair focused on the sharing of the Charlemagne Easy Access Tool, created by a team from EMSB. The tool converts raw Charlemagne MEESR exam xml files into data kits.

A brief overview of each of the four fairs is provided in a separate document and includes artefacts from the day. For more information on content covered in the fairs, or on LUMIX or the Charlemagne tool, please contact the Evidence Based Practice Project.