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Francis Giguère (2015-Present)


Francis Giguère (2015-Present)
Evaluation & Measurement Consultant
Eastern Townships School Board



I would like to support every young person in our community to have equal opportunities to complete their education and become a contributing member of the community.

Personal learning:

The more I learn about how research and data can help improve schools, through my involvement with the EBP Project, the more interested I am in expanding my knowledge and skill in this area.

Why are you part of the Lead Data Team?

In my new role, with responsibility for supporting data literacy in our board, the events put on by the EBP Project have been the most influential in helping me to gain perspective around the use of data and its ability to support growth and change. The Lead Data Team seminars have been very useful.





EBP Action Research:

Successful conditions for Formative Assessment

ETSB  initiatives:

  • A programme to improve graduation rates and reduce dropouts
  • Our School survey - implementation & dissemination of results
  • Increasing data literacy among education staff

PD delivered: 

  • Our school Survey results to staff in all schools
  • Moderation workshop for teachers (CARE)

What improvement model(s) is ETSB using?

Four pillars that guide all ETSB activities, including; PLCs, peer leadership, a developmental approach & student engagement.

Within the framework of the four pillars, ETSB also use RTI and UDL

What could you spend hours talking about?

  • The use of data in education
  • Get more knowledge in the use of research in teaching and learning
  • Neuroscience