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Ingrid Hove (2012-2013) (2014-Present)


Ingrid Hove (2012-2013) (2014-Present)
Project Development Officer Work-Oriented Training Path
Quebec English School Boards



To continue to investigate and promote evidence-based teaching strategies for students in the Work-Oriented Training Path.

Personal learning:

To learn more about the promotion of mental health for adolescents, especially for “at-risk” high school students. I’ve always been a passionate supporter of high quality public education, so my professional and personal interests and values are closely related.

Why are you part of the Lead Data Team?

Being a member of the Lead Data Team gives me a structured opportunity to read, think, analyze and learn with educators across the province.



EBP Action research:

My recent work with WOTP has involved searching out and recommending effective teaching practices for WOTP teachers and consultants. It is vitally important to make the best use of our limited time and funding on effective interventions. For example, Brain Gym was a popular program in Quebec for students with special needs despite the fact that there is no evidence for its effectiveness (See, for example, )


During my post as an Educational Consultant at SWLSB, I led the implementation of the Check and Connect Program, which is an empirically-based intervention for students who show warning signs of disengagement with school and who are at risk of dropping out.

PD delivered:

  • WOTP Mentoring: Communities of Practice: 2011-2013 and 2016-2018 (3 – 5 sessions/year)
  • QPAT Convention 2017: New Links and New Resources for WOTP Teachers
  • Cree School Board Work-Oriented Training Path Conference, 2016, 2017 and 2018
  • Check and Connect Training at SWLSB 2015
  • LUMIX Fair 3 2013
WOTP Website:             WorkPress: WOTP Community News:


What improvement model(s) are you using?

This year I have found Guskey’s book very useful and am considering his model for evaluating PD when looking at the organisation and delivery of the mentoring: communities of practice for the WOTP school board consultants.

What could you spend hours talking about? 

I could (and I do!) spend hours talking about the need for a more flexible approach to high school graduation requirements in Quebec. We need more time for students to progress at a pace that matches their development, and time in the schedule for students to select optional courses that are of interest to them.

My experience

Title & roles: 

WOTP Project Development Officer – to provide consultation services and professional development to support the implementation of the WOTP in the nine English school boards in Quebec and the Cree School Board.

Conferences & training attended: 

  • McGill Summer Institute for School Psychology 2018
  • Practical Strategies to Improve Executive Function Skills with Sarah Ward, M.S CCC-SLP, 2018
  • McGill Summer Institute for School Psychology 2017
  • An Inter-professional Approach to Pragmatic Language Disorders in Schools: Assessment and Intervention with Kathleen Reilly, CCC-SLP and Erik von Hahn, MD, 2016
  • Dropping Out – What Neuroscience Can Teach Us, Canadian Education Association Conference, 2015
  • Executive Skills in Children and Adolescents: Tools for Assessment and Intervention in Educational Settings with Richard Guare, Ph.D., D-BCBA, 2015
  • Check and Connect Comprehensive Implementation Training, University of Minnesota, 2015
  • EBP Cohort 2 Training 2012

EBP involvement:

Member of the Lead Data Team and attendance at EBP seminars 2011-2013; 2015-2018

What’s on your bookshelf?