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James Walker (2017-2018)


James Walker (2017-2018)
Director of Educational Services
New Frontiers School Board


Professional and Personal learning:

To take advantage of professional development opportunities that arise and to continue to grow and learn, through working with others and through my own continuing education.

Why are you part of the Lead Data Team?

I was presented the opportunity to join the LDT and working with data is an interest of mine and is well recognised by our board as valuable. The LDT provides me with both an environment to nurture my intellectual curiosity and a forum to take this knowledge and put it into practice. Professionally it helps me grow while being supported by someone [Geneviève Légaré] with a high level of expertise.



EBP Action research:

Implementing Professional Learning Communities

NFSB initiatives:

  • Committee for teacher induction and mentoring
  • Committee for professional growth of all staff
  • Reshaping families’ relationships with schools through various initiatives

PD delivered:

  • Guest presenter -  McGill graduate diploma in educational leadership. Topic: community relations,  2017-18
  • School board-wide workshop on rethinking community connections in a modern context - using technology, 2016

What improvement model(s) is NFSB using?

  • Mapping students and communities
  • Action Research
  • RTI - solution tree
  • 3 block model, UDL

What could you spend hours talking about? 

I have worked in three school boards serving three very different communities.  I am very passionate about how we reach out to our communities and stakeholders and include them in our school. Many parents did not have positive educational experiences, so how do we change their views of the school system? We are working hard to do that in our to schools, through various initiatives that are family and community centered.