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Jill Robinson (2015 - Present)


Jill Robinson (2015 - Present)
Coordinator of Educational Services
Central Quebec School Board



Making sure that action plans and learning plans are created, finalised and put in place for the new school year across various committee and initiatives at the board.

Personal learning:

  • Conducting a piece of action research.
  • Learning more about new technology and how to incorporate it more successfully.

Why are you part of the Lead Data Team?

Geneviève runs the team in such a way that I am always coming back to the board having learned something so its additional and very valuable PD for me. Its interesting to see what other boards are doing and exchanging information on how we move schools forward and enrich our practice to better support schools.



EBP Action research:

Supporting schools on their PLC journeys

CQSB initiatives:

  • Pilot school for GOAL content - creating learning situations
  • Early Childhood Committee & PD sessions
  • PLC journey
  • Math Summer Institute Initiative
  • Gordon Neufeld Institute training

PD delivered:

  • Career Development - session on Academic Career Guidance Content (ACGC) for Guidance Oriented Approach to Learning (GOAL), 2017, 2018
  • Sessions on Early Childhood Learning Symposium, PLCs & RTI, 2017-18
  • Sessions on RTI and PLCs to principals & in-school professionals, 2017
  • Sessions at teacher induction on evaluating and reporting, 2017

What improvement model(s) is CQSB using?


Who Inspires you in education?

My colleagues. We all bring something different and great to the team.  I’m often in awe of their knowledge and appreciate their individual contributions.  I’ve also been really fortunate throughout my career to have inspiring mentors.

What could you spend hours talking about? 

I could spend hours talking about early childhood and how children learn. Learning through play, exploration and risk. How can we keep learning engaging and explorative and make sure its child led? Literacy, and picture books in particular. is also an area that excites me and I can talk about for hours.  

My experience

Title & roles: 

Coordinator of Educational Services

  • Early childhood
  • Career development
  • Culture in the schools
  • Overseeing of Professional development sessions
  • Support to school PLCs
  • Evaluation
  • New Teacher induction


Conferences & training attended: 

  • RTI conference, May 2017
  • LCEEQ, 2016 (Visible Learning)
  • EBP funded out of province school visits, 2015-2018
  • Robyn Jackson coaching sessions - consultants & administrators, 2016 & 2017
  • Lynn Senecal, Inclusive Schools Network, 2017


EBP involvement:

What’s on your bookshelf?