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Jody Meacher (2015-Present)


Jody Meacher (2015-Present)
ICT Career Development
Eastern Townships School Board



To help educators use the technological resources available to them to create transformative educational experiences that meet the diverse needs of the students in their classrooms.

Personal learning:

To learn more about the use of Makerspaces and Design Thinking to support curricular goals and learning targets. To improve in sketchnoting and share with educators and students visual note taking alternatives for the classroom.

Why are you part of the Lead Data Team?

I joined so that I could improve my own understanding of using data and research-based practices so that I could better promote those practices and philosophies in the training I deliver. It’s an opportunity to take a step back and look at what I’m doing through a different, more analytical lens.  We don't always have the time or the opportunity, or even the reminder, in our day to day work.


EBP Action Research:

Supporting implementation of formative assessments and interventions in early numeracy through research-based SeeSaw tasks.

ETSB initiatives:
  • Grade 6 Mathletics competition
  • ELS (One to one technology integration

PD delivered: 

  • GSuites
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Digital portfolios
  • Breakout EDU
  • Multimedia Production
  • Programming and circuitry
  • Sketchnoting
  • HyperDocs
  • Connect, Empower, Transform

What improvement model(s) is your SB using?
  • PLCs
  • RTI
  • UDL
  • SAMR

My experience

Title & roles:

Consultant for the ped integration of ICT and career development

Conferences & training attended: 
  • Launch Academy 2018
  • EdTechTeam Yellowknife Summit & Geo tools workshop, 2017
  • UDL-IRN, 2018
  • Google Innovator Academy, 2016
  • ISTE, 2015

What could you spend hours talking about?

Getting students to create. Creating with technology, not just consuming. Creating content and authentic audiences. Research shows that they produce far beyond what they produce in class.  It’s not enough to be a consumer. Beyond technology, cardboard and duct tape - problem solving is so important. Design thinking and using all the feedback we get.

What’s on your bookshelf?