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Jordan Venne (2017-2018)


Jordan Venne (2017-2018)
Lester B. Pearson School Board



To make math more engaging and accessible to students in high school and to develop teachers to acheive their professional goals.

Personal Learning:

To learn more about the function of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and how to implement and sustain them.

Why are you part of the Lead Data Team?

Joining the team interested me because I wanted to take on a project that I had full control over while benefiting from the consultation of experts in education. I wanted to learn how to manage a project in education while applying the knowledge in a direct context. The professional development we receive has also served as a model for delivery. I am also becoming a better mathematics consultant through my participation in the professional development and taking note of the structure and techniques modeled by Dr Légaré and her team. The seminars are the best feature because they allow for focused and uninterrupted time for project development and more importantly, time with the other team members. Consultation from the other team members is extremely beneficial for my professional growth. Comparing to the amount of learning I get out of general education conferences versus the LDT seminars is like comparing little league to triple A camp.


EBP Action Research:

Implementing Math PLCs as the necessary conditions for changes in practice.

LBPSB Initiatives:

LCEEQ Math institute - 3 days of PD delivered to Math teachers yearly.

PD Delivered:  What improvement model is LBPSB using?

TQE model for Math.

What’s on your bookshelf?

My experience

Title & roles​:

Educational Consultant, Mathematics.

Responsible for the Professional Development of grade 7-11 Math teachers.

Conferences & Training attended:  

What do you spend your learning time on? 

I'm very interested in theories on how people learn in Math and how to ensure they retain what they learn, such as number sense and proportional reasoning.