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Kara Johnstone (2015 - Present)


Kara Johnstone (2015 - Present)
Educational Services Coordinator
New Frontiers School Board



I want to be at a place in our school board where we have total coherence between all different levels of the system so that everyone’s work is purposeful, and aiming towards our collective goal of success for all students. Teachers are a crucial part of this process and building their capacity to ensure valid and meaningful teaching practices is fundamental to a coherent system where all students thrive.

Personal learning:

Learning to do action research is so important to help validate the Professional Development (PD) we are investing in for teachers and knowing whether they are having the desired outcomes on both teacher practices and student outcomes.

Why are you part of the Lead Data Team?

Being part of the LDT keeps me well informed and makes me better at what I do. I learn so much. The networking opportunities are also extremely valuable.



EBP Action research:

Understanding the Use of Assessment at the Secondary Level to meet the diverse needs of students

NFSB initiatives & PD:

  • PLCs including correction centres
  • Lead Data Teams
  • Formative Assessment

What improvement model(s) is NFSB using?

What could you spend hours talking about? 

Education really excites me, especially the changes with regards to technology and all the advances that are happening now. I’m very interested in differences in students and how to incorporate those differences to make sure that all students are receiving equal opportunities at school and succeeding.