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Kathleen Murray (2018-present)


Kathleen Murray (2018-present)
Education Consultant, Elementary Math and Science
Lester B. Pearson School Board



To inspire others to embrace change and be willing to come together to identify areas for improvement. To facilitate the breaking down of barriers by supporting educators in reflecting upon current beliefs and practices in order to best serve our students.

Personal learning:

Guiding teachers on how to design meaningful summative assessments which inform formative assessments

Why are you part of the Lead Data Team?

I am looking forward to having the support of other enthusiastic educators, throught the LDT, to guide me in developing PD and supporting the teachers with whom I work


LBPSB initiatives:

Designed an interactive digital calendar for Cycle 1, Year 1 elementary students to support and illustrate all the mathematical conceptual strands in the QEP, in collaboration with Yolanda Galvez and Julie Phoenix

EBP Action Research:

Math for Sense-Making in Elementary Schools

What improvement model(s) are you using in your school board?
  • Deep Learning is being introduced across all of LBPSB
  • Data decision making model
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Collaborative Inquiry

Who Inspires you in education?

Sir Ken Robinson


Book: Teach Kindness First, 2016

My experience

Title & roles:

Education Consultant, Elementary Math and Science

Conferences & training attended: PD delivered:
  • LBPSB Math Institute Series: Making Mathematics Accessible, Building Procedural Fluency, and Assessment: Balancing Growth & Vigor
  • Elementary Math Focus/Summer Math Institute: TQE Task Design
  • Introduction to Marilyn Burns’ Math Reasoning Inventory for Determining Conceptual Understanding

What’s on your bookshelf?