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Marie-Eve Claude (2015-Present)


Marie-Eve Claude (2015-Present)
Assistant Director of Student Services
Lester B. Pearson School Board



To share my knowledge and expertise on both Complementary and Educational Services aimed at all learners to better serve the needs of students, teachers, and administrators of the English community.

Personal learning:

To maximize my management skills and competencies within Student Services Department in order to continue to support the objectives of the Lester B. Pearson (LBPSB) Strategic Plan with other senior team leaders.

Why are you part of the Lead Data Team?



EBP Action research:

LBPSB initiatives:

PD delivered:

  • CASSA-ACGCS Annual Conference, Halifax, July 2017 Topic: Educating the whole child
  • LCEEQ Symposium, Laval, February. 2011, Association québécoise des professeurs de français (AQPF)
  • Youth CEGEP Transition, Laval, January 2010. Topic: Facilitate the transition from High School to College in FSL.

What improvement model(s) is LBPSB using?

What do you spend your learning time on? 

Who Inspires you in education?

What could you spend hours talking about? 

My experience

Title & roles: 

Assistant-Director, Student Services

  • Supervision responsibilities for the following programmes:
  • Youth Outreach services,
  • Health Promotion/Prevention consultant,
  • Community and Spiritual animators,
  • Management of Anti-violence action plan,
  • Intercultural programme,
  • Alternative Network referral and placement,
  • Transition from School to Independent Living (TEVA),
  • Specialized programs for 18-21 y. o., and
  • Friendship, Love and Sexual Health Committee


Conferences & training attended: 

EBP involvement:

What’s on your bookshelf?