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Marie Wahba (2015-2018)


Marie Wahba (2015-2018)
Director of Educational Services
Lester B. Pearson School Board



We want to implement deep learning and good teaching practices across the system while supporting teachers fully along the way.

Personal learning:

How to measure the unmeasurable. Sometimes it’s a big challenge to collect the evidence of impact that you need.

Why are you part of the Lead Data Team?

We receive a great deal of professional development. We’re always innovating in education but the thing we always forget to do is evaluate what we’re doing. We need to have data on everything we do. The LDT gives us an edge in research and allows us to support our schools to be more evidence based.




EBP Action research:

Balanced Literacy a la carte and its impact on student outcomes

LBPSB initiatives:

  • Deep Learning
  • RTI

PD delivered:

  • Deep learning workshops 2017-18
  • RTI workshops 2017-18

What improvement model(s) is LBPSB using?

  • Deep learning,
  • RTI
  • PLCs

What could you spend hours talking about? 

How kids should learn literacy, teaching practices, classroom management, and everything that has to do with pedagogy. I’m very passionate about teaching and learning and I see everything as a learning opportunity. I’m also very interested in the balance between the social and emotional as well as the pedagogical side of education.

My experience

Title & roles: 

Director of Educational Services

Conferences & training attended: 

  • Deep Learning, Vancouver 2018
  • ISTE, Chicago 2018

What’s on your bookshelf?