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Math for Sense-Making in Elementary Schools

Project Rationale:

What are the necessary conditions for the implementation of changes in math practice? M.R.I. (Math Reasoning Inventory) data indicates that Cycle 3 students lack basic numeracy/operational sense strategies despite their ability to perform arithmetic calculations.

Professional Development (PD) Offer:

PLC process; curriculum organization (gathering essential knowledge); Training and development of Common Formative Assessment; PLC meetings (Gradual release to the teachers)

Focused Cycle specific workshops on math instructions PLCs using C.F.A. data to highlight best practices and try new ones.

Desired Outcomes:

  1. Greater prevalence of the use of strategies (M.R.I. data)
  2. Higher success rate in Grade 6 (term marks)
  3. Success in Grade 7 math marks (using Lumix to track term results)

Seeing Improvement from Change:

We expect that year after year, students entering Grade 6 will demonstrate the use of numeracy and operational sense strategies in the M.R.I. Using Lumix, we will track students in grade 7 and see if they are successful in each term.

Teachers will notice that their students are constantly improving throughout the year and that their students are better prepared for their learning targets.