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Network 6: Implementing PLCs - a synthesis

Network 6: Implementing PLCs - a synthesis

Overall learning goal

By the end of the final learning session of the year, participants will:

  • have gained knowledge on PLCs and leadership, collaboration and difficult conversations and consider how to transfer this knowledge
  • be able to implement a PLC in their high school, with the support of their directors and the EBP Project

Instructional design


The design team welcome participants back and introduce the agenda for this year’s final Network for Principals.

Learning session 6 involves a mixture of activity based and reflective learning and directs participants towards planning the transfer of knowledge into their respective settings. Part of the day’s focus is on planning ahead to participants’ next steps.

Activity 1 - three rounds

Participants are separated into mixed groups to rotate between tree stations covering three different topics. They will change stations every 30 minutes. The groups are supported by the design team and there are two time keepers.

The three stations include:

  • PLCs and leadership with Mike
  • elements of collaboration with Jessica
  • hard conversations with Carol.
Activity 2 - synthesis 3-2-1

The activity is introduced and by the EBP Project lead. In small teams, participants are asked to reflect on and note down 3 key ideas, 2 things to try in their schools, and 1 learning to share with their staff.

Activity 3 - EdCamp

Participants all take part in one hour of EdCamp sessions to share experiences on topics of their choosing.

EdCamps are unstructured professional learning groups that gather based on a shared interest in a topic.  They are participant-led and are evolving based on the flow of the group.


The design team wrap up by asking teams to think about their input for next year. Continued readings are suggested and overall conclusions for the year are made.


Participants complete feedback forms.