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Professional Learning

Professional learning strengthens content knowledge and pedagogy to increase educator effectiveness and meet student needs. Context, process and content must always be considered in order to increase and deepen student learning. Evidence-based Practice Projects supports professional learning in the form of interactive workshops, seminars, fairs and networks.

The categories are adapted from the ‘Standards for Professional Learning’ by Learning Forward. For more information consult the website:


Learning Communities

A learning community is an ongoing community of practice where teams meet on a regular basis to learn, lesson plan and problem solve as a unit with the goal of improving student learning.


Skillful leadership is required to guide continuous school improvement where the goal is to improve student learning. Leaders can be found at the Board, school, community and classroom levels.


Professional development and classroom learning makes use of resources which support adult learning and collaboration to improve student learning.  


Data gathered from various sources provides learning communities with meaningful guidance for continuous development and planning with the aim of improving student learning.

Learning Designs

Professional development connects strategies to specific learning goals to improve student learning. Professional learning that connects research on instructional practices to student learning goals.


Professional learning to improve educator effectiveness and student results sustains support and applies research on change.


Outcomes of professional learning that improve educator effectiveness and student learning must be in sync with educator performance and curriculum requirements.

Other Themes

Resources that can be classified under the dimensions of context, process and content but may not be found in the themes above.