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Classroom Instruction that Works (CITW): Research Based Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement

Classroom Instruction that Works (CITW): Research Based Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement

Ceri B. Dean, Elizabeth Ross Hubbell, Howard Pitler & B.J. Stone




With the ultimate goals of building capacity to support student success and improve student outcomes, the EBP Project considers Classroom Instruction that Works one of their core teaching tools. This book provides many different teaching strategies grouped under nine categories that claim to have the strongest influence on increasing student achievement. By asking questions about what works in education and how we know it works, Classroom Instruction that Works draws on the research in education to ensure that educators are using teaching tools that are proven to provide positive results in the classroom. The book is also presented in such a way that supports educators’ implementation of the strategies, recommended classroom practices, examples and tips.


The EBP project have used Classroom Instructions that Work as a teaching tool to support consultants’ professional development. This book was read and reviewed during Lead Data Team (LDT) days in order to help participants learn to critically evaluate research in education and apply their findings to support teacher practices. Many of the activities over three LDT days included deeper analysis based on the strategies and evidence provided in this book. Many of the activities during the LDT days included deeper analysis of the strategies detailed in this book by referring to available meta-analyses for each.


While Classroom Instruction that Works offers a broad introduction to teaching strategies with accompanying evidence, it offers a starting point for teams who want to carry out a more in-depth analysis of their teaching practices, or teachers reflecting on the use research based practices in their own classrooms, in order to offer students the best chance of success.

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