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The Data Teams Experience: A Guide for Effective Meetings

The Data Teams Experience: A Guide for Effective Meetings

By Angela Peery, Ed.D.


The Leadership and Learning Center, Inc


This is a quick and easy read for schools who wish to create their own Data Teams. It provides a guideline for how data-driven decision-making can be implemented at the classroom teacher level. It shifts the focus from teaching to learning.


This resource takes the reader step-by-step through the Data Team process. Chapter 1 links Data Teams to PLCs and RTI. There are easy-to-follow chapters on topics such as: why a data team?; who is on the team?; what are the roles of members?; what is the role of the administration?; and, what are the six steps of Data Team Meetings? Chapter 5 takes the reader through the stages of team development. Bruce Tuckman's model of team development includes the stages: forming, storming, and norming. Tuckman explains that all stages are normal and important, and must be experienced sequentially despite the level of frustration created by the process. Chapter 8 offers informative troubleshooting strategies, as well as a FAQ section. To facilitate the assessment of Data Team progress, a monitoring rubric is included in the appendix.


An absolute must read for anyone looking to start Data Teams in their schools. The entire team should read this book in order to develop a common understanding of the process before embarking on it.

Book Review

This is a clear, well organized method for implementing Data Teams at the school level. It outlines a process for teachers to follow in order to make data-driven decisions, and shift their focus from teaching needs to learning needs.