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Evaluating Professional Development

Evaluating Professional Development

Thomas R. Guskey


Corwin Press


This book details the five stage model developed by Thomas Guskey for evaluating professional development. The goal of this book is to help those delivering professional development (PD) ensure that the PD is having the desired impact - improving student learning. Each chapter details one of the levels of evaluation, ranging from basic participant reactions to more in-depth analysis of impact on student learning outcomes. A final chapter is dedicated to presenting evaluation results. This book provides a good mix of theoretical knowledge building and practical tools to allow administrators and programme evaluators to move forward with the evaluation process. There are reflective questions, sample evaluation forms, checklists and tips to support readers in their next steps.


The EBP Project has used Evaluating Professional Development as a framework for supporting administrator and consultants’ learning on the process of evaluating the effectiveness of their professional development. It is included in the essential readings for the Lead Data Team (LDT) members and is used to evaluate the EBP Project’s own professional development sessions.


This dense and information filled book is great to study as a group, using a shared book review framework, allowing participants to split the reading and share their learning as a whole group before thinking about its practical application in their respective settings. It is a great reference for anyone delivering professional development, particularly in education.



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