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Leading with Trust: How to Build Strong School Teams

Leading with Trust: How to Build Strong School Teams

Susan Stephenson


Solution Tree Press


This book describes school improvement as a process built on trusting relationships between partners. Although written with school administrators in mind, this book contains practical tips for developing strong teams within any organization. Developing trust is key to building positive relationships and accomplishing organizational goals, whether in a school board or school setting.


The success of school improvement initiatives depends not only on sound policy but on trusting relationships. Leading with Trust identifies the causes of distrust and helps leaders understand how to create the types of trusting environments that support change. The author provides research on trust and includes inspiring quotes. No matter what level of trust currently exists in a school or school board, the individual and team activities will be useful. In workbook format, Leading With Trust explores: + Ways leaders can learn how trusted they are + Best practices for engaging with staff on trust issues + How to discuss the "undiscussables" + The emotional risks required to build strong teams + The role of trust in continuous school improvement


This book has been used at Central Québec School Board.

Read by:

Mark Sutherland