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Moving Forward with RTI: Reading and Writing Activities for Every Instructional Setting and Tier

Moving Forward with RTI: Reading and Writing Activities for Every Instructional Setting and Tier

Mary Howard




Mary Howard maintains that RTI is an Instructional Process, and not a system for identifying students with learning disabilities or special needs. RTI methodology is conceptualized within a three-tiered model of prevention and intervention. Tier 1 includes all students, and the classroom teacher is responsible all necessary interventions. This is a companion book to Mary Howard's "RTI from all Sides". She has provided a variety of interactive learning tools for use within and without a literacy block.


Tier 1 support is offered by the classroom teacher; what are other students doing while the teacher is working with small groups or individual students? Each section in this book provides a meaningful learning activity. Tools such as assessment sheets and teacher tips are also provided. Icons indicate whether the activities are designed for whole groups, small groups, partners, or individual work. They are designed to provide students with structure and a way to retain evidence of their learning. As these activities become ritualized (i.e.Weekly Independent Reading Options), teachers are freed to work with tier 1 students who may need extra time and support. The activities are designed to support tier 1 learning; a CD is included illustrating how to adapt these activities for tier 2 and 3 students.


A strong tier 1 greatly reduces the number of students needing tier 2 support. This book is recommended for all classroom teachers and consultants; it provides an easy-to-follow process for the implementations of RTI in the classroom.

Book Review

Mary Howard is adamant that the key factor in RTI is the teacher. She has designed her book to help the teacher become the expert. The teacher decides when to use the activities, which ones to use, and how to adapt the forms. The activities support the framework of RTI by providing differentiated and flexible tools for learning.