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Protocols for Professional Learning Conversations

Protocols for Professional Learning Conversations

By Catherine Glaude, Ph.D


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"Structured ongoing learning dialogue can be the most powerful professional development an educator will experience." (p.1) How do you structure meetings so that they remain professional, time efficient, reflective, and inclusive? The author suggests that the answer is through the use of protocols. Catherine Glaude offers a book outlining many protocols to help create a culture that encourages productive, professional conversations between and among teachers and administrators.


Section 1 explains what a professional learning conversation is. Ground rules or group norms are discussed for both giving and receiving feedback. Section 2 looks at text-based discussions as a starting point. The author maintains text-based learning is less threatening than conversations around personal practice or student work. Section 3 focuses on personal goals and learning from other team members' feedback. Sections 4 and 5 are concerned with conversations around student work. The use of action research is outlined in Section 5.


This book is recommended for all educators. I would even suggest classroom use might be possible and interesting with the necessary adaptations. Free resources:

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A quick and easy read, with explanations and suggestions for adaptations if needed.