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Simplifying Response to Intervention-Four Essential Guiding Principles

Simplifying Response to Intervention-Four Essential Guiding Principles

Austin Buffum, Mike Mattos, Chris Weber


Solution Tree Press


The two guiding principles behind RTI are: no teacher has all the time, knowledge and resources to meet the needs of every student; some students require more than one opportunity to learn the content. The guiding belief is that all students can learn, even at high levels of Secondary school and beyond. The formula for student success is written as: Targeted Instruction + Time = Learning.


Simplifying Response to Intervention covers the 4 C's of RTI: Collective Responsibility, Concentrated Instruction, Convergent Assessment, and Certain Access. Chapter 1 introduces a new way of thinking; when students are struggling, teachers need to question their teaching strategies and techniques rather than asking what is wrong with the students. The 4 C's are examined in depth in the following chapters. Links to PLC's are also made.


An informative read for administrators and teachers interested in applying RTI, albeit a bit of a dry read.

Book Review

It is the sequel to "Pyramid Response to Intervention" and does what the title states: it simplifies the RTI process.