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Book Club: Building Consensus

Adapted by

EBP Project


This activity is used to build consensus about the selection of professional readings to be used by a school team.


Poster charts with various book cover photos, authors, publication dates and synopses are created and displayed during a school team meeting. A blank section is included where participants can suggest other topics of interest to them. The attached document details the preparation, materials and procedure needed to run this activity.

Context For Use

This activity is used for planning and decision-making for future Lead DataTeam professional development seminars. This tool can be adapted and used by a Professional Learning Community (PLC) or Data Team.


  • Knowledge management: This meeting format offers a simple and effective way of engaging members of a group in the planning and decision-making process and of building consensus.



  • See also voting dots strategy used in early seminars.
  • Books should be selected prior to the meeting.


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