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Brown Bag Lunch

Adapted from

EBP Project


The Brown Bag Lunch (BBL) is designed to bring interested colleagues together to discuss examples of evidence-based practice and their application in the classroom.



The Brown Bag Lunch is an informal and voluntary information session for teachers. Video links to the chosen topics are used to stimulate and inform discussion.The attachments included provide the necessary instructions and guidance needed to host a BBL information session. A working example of a series of three BBLs is also provided.

Context For Use

EBP ran a Brown Bag Lunch series for high school teachers to promote learning and discussion on formative assessment. The BBL also provides a platform for sharing or showcasing practices, or for problem-solving and brainstorming. It can also be used by subject teams at the beginning or the end of the day.


  • Knowledge mobilization -This activity provides time to discuss research-based topics to enhance teachers' practices.
  • Knowledge transfer - BBLs provide teachers the opportunity for collaborative learning.


Participants would benefit from knowing about or seeing the process involved in a BBL beforehand.  

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