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Commitment to Success Plan: General Template

Developed by

Developed by: The CARE team in collaboration with the EBP Project


In 2017, the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (MEES) implemented a new policy, including a new set of measures, aimed at improving student success. The Policy on Educational Success: A Love of Learning, A Chance to Succeed, is based on a vision and orientations targeting major outcomes for children and youth and adult learners by 2030. Each of the indicators proposed in the policy offers a distinct perspective, and must all be considered together in order to gain a full picture of student outcomes and set achievable targets.

In order to ensure consistency across Quebec in the english sector and support school boards in the designing of their individual Commitment to Success Plans, CARE and the EBP Project have created a comprehensive general template. In addition to the template, CARE have created a data guide to support the completion of the template and the design of their plan.


The template includes tables describing each of the six objectives outlined in the policy, the rationale for each, and it details which indicator(s) is being used to calculate data for that objective. In addition to providing details on which indicators are being used, the document provides the sources of data to allow users to extract the necessary data for their school board more easily. Links are provided in the template for quick access.

Targets are shown in the tables for each objective, with current statistics and both short term (2022) and long term (2030) expected outcomes for all of Quebec. A local example has been provided, however each school board can insert their respective data under the school board section.  

The data guide that accompanies the template provides further description of each of the indicators, where the data for each objective can be found, and recommendations by CARE regarding the reporting of each of the indicators.

There is also a section in the template for school boards to consider and record details of their current portrait, such as characteristics of their community and staff and geographic factors. Other orientations to be considered when designing the Commitment to Success Plan are also suggested for school board consideration.

Context For Use

This template is a useful guide for all of the school boards, when designing their plan for their Commitment to Success by 2030. It can be used in a variety of contexts both at the board level and at the individual school level to support the active participation of all staff members in improving the outcomes for their students.


  • Knowledge management - This template allows school boards to comprehensively gather, organise, share and analyse their data and targets for achieving the objectives outlined in the Commitment to Success Plan.
  • Knowledge mobilization - The template provided allows boards to move available knowledge into active use. It seeks to make connections between the  most recent policy and practice, in order to improve outcomes for students.
  • Knowledge transfer - The template allows for the transfer of knowledge from government to school boards and onto individual schools, making it accessible. Its aim is to help organise, capture and distribute available information to ensure it is accessible to and used by all those involved in the education of students in Quebec.


  • Ideally, this template is completed with the support of an educator with a good knowledge of data and how to use and interpret it.
  • A good understanding of the new policy for the Commitment to Success Plan would be beneficial before completing the template.

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