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Data Team Monitoring Tool

Developed by

EBP Project


This tool can be used to monitor a School or a School Board’s progress during the implementation of a Professional Learning Community (PLC) Data Team.


The tool is a selection of information gathering tools in the form of a matrix or grid that is used to identify key information about PLC/Data Teams: the school, the school principal and team members, the topic of inquiry, calendar of meetings, and level of implementation (according to a simple 3-point rating system based on the data team process model).

Context For Use

The tool was originally used to provide information to the Evidence–Based Practice (EBP) Project  on the implementation of school data teams across the nine English school boards. It is a useful resource to support the implementation of new teams.


  • Knowledge Management- The document provides an “at a glance” portrait of the status of school or school board data teams.  
  • Knowledge management - It also provides information for planning and decision–making.  
  • Knowledge mobilization - The tool is used to gather information and decide collectively what the next priorities are.  
  • Knowledge management - The information can be updated periodically.  
  • Knowledge transfer - The form provides evidence of progress for reporting purposes, e.g. Partnership Agreements, MESAs.


  • The data monitoring tool can be used in conjunction with the mapping of the data team exercise as a conversation starter.

  • The tool helps teams to use the same definition and to develop a common understanding about the level of implementation of a school's data team.

  • Time is required to observe and identify each data team’s level of implementation.

Find Out More

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*Under ownership of new publishers: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt