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Data Team Roles

Adapted from

Data Teams Training (3rd ed.), by EBP Project


Defining the roles and responsibilities of each member of the data team ensures meetings function well and all goals and needs are met. This document supports the process of assigning and carrying out the various roles.


The handout is a series of place cards describing the various roles of each participant at a Data Team meeting. The roles include: Recorder, Data Technician, Focus Monitor, Timekeeper, Data Team Leader/Facilitator & Engaged Participants.

Context For Use

Roles should be assigned at the outset of every data team meeting to ensure roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, and goals can be met.


Knowledge representation and organization - The team roles provide a structured framework for organising and connecting participants and information during a meeting.


  • The place cards should be printed and distributed at the beginning of every meeting to help define the role of each participant.
  • Participants roles can be determined at the beginning of the meeting, while reviewing the group norms.

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