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Data Team Workshop for Administrators

Adapted by

Adriana Pace, SWLSB


This introductory workshop is intended to support school administrators through the process of implementing Data Teams and Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).



The attached powerpoint presentation provides an overview of all concepts and processes related to the implementation of data teams, from the creation of data teams in schools to supporting these teams through the analysis of their results. The presentation also includes a section on assessment.


Context For Use

This introductory workshop is designed for school board and school administrators who are implementing data teams for the first time. Participants are given an overview of the data team process, including how to support school teams in the analysis of results. This workshop can be used for large groups of administrators.


  • Knowledge Activation – By focusing on the familiar subject of assessment, teams can use pre-existing knowledge to develop their understanding of how to use school results to improve outcomes.

  • ​Knowledge Acquisition – Learning how to use the current evidence available in school to create new strategies to address the school’s needs.

  • Knowledge Transfer – Provides a template for re-organizing data or results that the school already has and using it to create positive changes to teaching and learning.


This presentation can be used as a whole or in segments, adapted to provide various groups with a review of the data team or PLC process.

Find Out More

Materials used to support this workshop can be found in: “Data teams (3rd edition) 2010”.

Besser, L., Flach, T., Gregg, L., Nagel, D., Syrja, R.C., Vedra, M. & Peery, A. (2010). Data teams (3rd ed.). Englewood, Co: Lead + Learn Press, a division of Advanced Learning Centers, Inc.

*Under ownership of new publishers: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt