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Data Wise Model

Adapted from

Kathryn Parker Boudett by the EBP Project


The attached document is a visual representation of and guide to the 8 step data wise improvement process. It describes the collaborative inquiry process of making decisions based on the collection and analysis of data.


This is a schematic model that was developed by Boudett, et al, illustrating the steps involved in the process of using data to inform effective instruction. This process includes decision-making, actions, and adjustments for improving teaching and learning.

Context For Use

The EBP Project has incorporated this tool in a variety of professional development settings aimed at teachers, consultants, principals, and school board administrators, to guide participants through the process of transforming evidence-based knowledge into practice.The tool has also been used to assess what stage Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) or Data Teams are at in the process of using data.


  • Knowledge acquisition: The step-by-step guide introduces users to the essential steps of collaborative inquiry and the use of data
  • Knowledge mobilization: The guide introduces a process that helps users make connections between theory and practice, by illustrating how the evidence they already hold can be used to improve outcomes.


Data Wise: A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Assessment Results to Improve Teaching and Learning forms part of the EBP Project’s fundamental reading.  The evidence based models are used to create a shared understanding about the process of using data to improve outcomes.  


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