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Dropout Prevention Program: A PLC

Developed by

Adriana Pace, SWLSB.


This initiative was developed by the school board team to address one of the Ministry's strategic goals of promoting school retention and reducing the number of students leaving school without a Secondary School Diploma (DES) or qualification. The initial stages of the framework lead to the creation of a monitoring tool to track students at risk of dropping out. Later stages focus on promoting school retention for students identified as being at-risk by implementing a mentoring program in schools.


This kit includes starter materials for the Professional Learning Community (PLC), such as school success articles, guiding questions to identify students’ risk factors and finally, a tracking tool designed to identify at-risk students.  

Context For Use

The materials are geared towards consultants and board administrators engaged in mid-sized, long-term PLCs intended to address the specific issue of promoting school retention.


  • Knowledge Mobilization – The initiative makes use of existing statistics held by the school to create an intervention designed to increase school retention rates.
  • Knowledge Transfer– This framework encourages team members to analyze existing  data from a different perspective and use it to gain a better understanding of student circumstances and improve their outcomes. This learning can be shared with the entire school staff.


  • Background reading of the literature on risk factors for dropping out and evidence based prevention strategies for schools would enhance the effectiveness of the PLC.
  • A introduction to how to create and manage a successful PLC would ensure greater success as a team.

Find Out More

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