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EBPP Five Strands: An information gathering strategy

Adapted from

Chalk talk Protocol, by EBP Project


This activity is designed to collect information from school and school board staff on given issues within their context.


Based on the Chalk Talk protocol, issues arising are formulated into a series of questions and written on flip pieces of flipchart paper. Participants answer the questions, wonder, and respond to others’ comments individually and silently on the flipcharts. Following this, participants are asked to feedback their answers. Once everybody has contributed, a debriefing is held with the participants where the issues are discussed and future actions are created. The attached handout includes the preparation and materials needed to run this activity, as well as the procedure.  

Context For Use

This tool was initially used during a Lead Data Team seminar for feedback on professional development requirements and the type of support needed in schools and school boards in order to align EBPP initiatives to the current situation.


  • Knowledge management: This activity encourages participant to engage in the planning and decision–making process regarding the support needed to increase data literacy in schools.


  • This tool can be adapted and used for debriefing at the end of a professional development session or the start of a planning meeting.
  • The written information should be specific enough to create actions; ensure that the participants are detailed in their feedback.
  • The chalk Talk protocol can be used by teachers in the classroom to deepen student learning and share perspectives.


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An example of Chalk Talk being used in lessons to deepen learning.