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Exit Cards

Developed by

EBP Project


This is a quick and engaging way to debrief and obtain feedback about a meeting or professional development session, and to identify future needs.


The exit cards are index cards used by participants to note down:

  • Their Aha! Moment of the day
  • One thing they would like to apply from the meeting
  • What they would like to do at the next meeting

Participants are asked to do this at the end of the meeting, as part of the evaluation. The attached document explains the preparation and materials needed as well as the procedure for using exit cards.

Context For Use

This format is used to debrief and get feedback on Lead Data Team seminars. This tool can be adapted and used by a Professional Learning Community (PLC) or Data Team, a staff meeting or in a classroom, at the end of a lesson.


  • Knowledge management: This provides a  simple and effective way of debriefing and getting feedback on what has been learned.


  • Exit cards can be used by teachers at the end of a lesson to gather information about learning as a form of formative assessment.
  • The feedback can be used in the planning and activities of the following session.

Find Out More

See an example of using exit cards for feedback purposes from the Teaching Channel.

Exit Cards for Formative Assessment.