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Giving Feedback

Developed by

EBP Project Lead Data Team Members


This engaging activity was designed to develop teachers’ understanding of what constitutes effective feedback, and to provide an opportunity to practice implementing effective feedback.


This activity details one sample session of a projected series of 8 30-minute sessions for teachers on formative assessment. In this session, participants are shown  a Macarena dance video, and asked to replicate the  dance steps.. Participants are given feedback by the facilitator while they are dancing. Following the dance, the participants are informed that the characteristics of the feedback given will be discussed at the next meeting. The attached document provides details of the preparation, materials needed and procedures to run this activity, including a link to the dance video.

Context For Use

This activity was used and developed during a Lead Data Team seminar on formative assessment. This sample activity can be adapted and used as part of a Brown Bag Lunch series.


  • Knowledge management: This activity uses instructional design strategies familiar to educators.
  • Knowledge activation: The activity puts the lesson material in a familiar context and activates prior knowledge.
  • Knowledge transfer: The dance and feedback actively engages participants in learning a new skill, based on existing knowledge.


  • This session should be followed up by a further session on effective feedback.

Find Out More

Feedback: The Hinge That Joins Teaching and Learning, Pollock, J. E., 2011

How to Give Effective Feedback to Your Students, Second Edition, Brookhart, S. M., 201

Effective feedback for formative assessment.