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Knowledge Activation Strategy

Developed by

EBP Project


This warm up strategy is used to recall and reflect on discussions and decisions of previous seminars and develop a common understanding of what the Lead Data Team (LDT) has achieved to-date.


It is a 30-minute team-based activity to recall and share memories of what has been learned in previous seminars before looking ahead.

  • Step 1: Divide the participants into two teams
  • Step 2: Ask each participant to write down as many facts as they can remember about the previous two seminars (5 minutes)
  • Step 3: At the end of the time period, ask each participant to share what they have remembered with the rest of their team.

Context For Use

This simple to organise activity has been used during Lead Data Team seminars. It can be adapted and used by a Professional Learning Community (PLC) or Data Team


  • Knowledge activation: The activity activates knowledge gained in previous seminars.
  • Knowledge management:It provides a scaffold for new learning.
  • Knowledge transfer: It informs new team members about the topics and themes covered in previous meetings.


New team members will not be expected to attend but will be given feedback of the discussion.

The discussion should be recorded and distributed to all new and returning team members.


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