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Lead Data Team in the Secondary School, Meeting #1

Adapted by

Kara Johnstone - NFSB


The purpose of this lead data team workshop is to build teacher capacity in order to better influence instruction through the effective use of data; to build leadership and capacity in order to bridge the gap between data and results; and to improve teaching and learning through enhanced collaboration between teachers, departments, and schools.


This first in a series of three workshops provides the framework for developing and sustaining successful Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) at both the school board and school levels. Included in this resource are:  the meeting agenda,  the annotated agenda and exit card comments from participants. Participants then take these comments, in the form of guiding questions, back to their departments. These and other more general comments are used at the beginning of Meeting 2 to review the previous meeting and shape the information and content for subsequent meetings.  

The attached PowerPoint represents the content of the first of three meetings originally presented to New Frontiers School Board secondary school department heads of Math, French, English, Science and Social Studies.

Context For Use

This workshop is the first in a series of three full-day meetings. It is appropriate for both small and large groups and provides an introduction to PLCs and Lead Data Teams in school boards and schools. The content focuses on student success.


  • Knowledge transfer - By creating PLCs or Data teams, participants are better able to use and share available data across the school and create frameworks for continuous analysis and intervention.   
  • Knowledge activation - The context of the workshop is around the very familiar topic of teaching and learning to improve student success; allowing participants to use their existing knowledge and experience to assimilate the new learning.  



  • Watching videos on PLCs, including Learning By Doing, would be beneficial.
  • The above video can also be shared with school principals as a form of feedback.

Find Out More

Data Coach's Guide to Improving Learning for all Students: unleashing the power of collaborative inquiry, Love, N. (2008).

Learning by Doing: A Handbook for Professional Learning Communities at Work (book & CD-ROM), DuFour, R., Dufour, R., EAker, R. & Many, T. (2006).

Meeting #2

Meeting #3