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Lead Data Team in the Secondary School, Meeting #2

Adapted by

Kara Johnstone, NFSB


The purpose of this lead data team workshop is to build teacher capacity in order to better influence instruction through the effective use of data; to build leadership and capacity in order to bridge the gap between data and results; and to improve teaching and learning through enhanced collaboration between teachers, departments, and schools.


This is the second meeting in a series of 3 workshops. It includes a review of Meeting1, discussions with subject consultants, and information for teachers about available data. The downloads available include the agenda, the PowerPoint slides from the meeting and a Lead Data Team meeting template.

Context For Use

Following on from the first workshop, this second workshop is also appropriate for both small and large groups and provides an introduction to PLCs and Lead Data Teams in school boards and schools. The content focuses on student success.



  • Knowledge activation - The context of the workshop is around the very familiar topic of teaching and learning to improve student success; allowing participants to use their existing knowledge and experience to assimilate the new learning.  
  • Knowledge mobilization - The workshops motivate teachers to learn more about the assessment tools available in their schools, as well as the resources being used at the elementary level. They can then begin to take responsibility for the use of data and discuss how it might influence their teaching.
  • Knowledge transfer - Teachers may also discussed how to plan learning situations, as well as how information might be communicated and shared with colleagues. As the workshop progresses, teachers begin to extend their discussions to include subject areas and grade levels other than their own, demonstrating a true understanding that teaching is a collective endeavour that progresses from elementary to secondary school.


Find Out More

Data Coach's Guide to Improving Learning for all Students: unleashing the power of collaborative inquiry, Love, N. (2008).

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