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Learning Theories Warm-up


This activity is designed to activate (warm-up) participants’ knowledge about learning theories before introducing a shared reading activity about learning.


This short activity engages participants in reflection and discussion about the various learning theories they are familiar with, for example. The attached document details everything needed to prepare for and run the activity with a group.

Context For Use

This activity was designed as a warm-up during a seminar where participants are introduced to the theory and principles of Visible Learning.  Each participant lists all the learning theories they can remember, and then shares that list with their colleagues. This activity can be adapted for any kind of seminar or workshop as a warm-up to activate prior knowledge.


  • Knowledge activation: The activity encourages recall of knowledge in order to help manage the new information they will receive.
  • Knowledge sharing: The exercise promotes collaborative learning.
  • Knowledge acquisition: It complements and updates participant’s current knowledge basis.


  •  Some topics may require more time than expected.
  •  Allow time for proper debriefing and update about the latest theoretical development in the field.

Find Out More

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