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Passion and Persistence: How to Develop a Professional Learning Community

Adapted from

Solution Tree by Mark Sutherland, CQSB


The Passion and Persistence video provides an overview of important Professional Learning Community (PLC) components for staff development. It takes a motivational approach to PLCs.


This motivational video combines the key components of Professional Learning Communities with powerful music, quotes and light-hearted humour. These elements combine to produce an excellent reinforcement or introduction to the PLC framework. It is intended for administrators, teachers and staff members who are seeking to create their own PLC.

Context For Use

This is a 7-minute DVD. It can be used at any gathering of educators in the process of creating or working in PLCs. It would be a very useful and informative resource to show at staff meetings.


  • Knowledge Activation - The video provides a stimulating way to reflect on existing professional knowledge and begin to think about how it can support new learning for the development of PLCs.
  • Knowledge Mobilization - The video forms a bridge between the evidence behind PLCs and their practical application in education.


Find Out More

Passion & Persistence DVD, Solution Tree

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