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Professional Learning Community (PLC) 101

Adapted from

DuFour & DuFour, by Gil Abisdris & Lina Zielinski, EMSB


This is a downloadable copy of the Introductory presentation describing PLCs for teachers, school administrators and educational consultants.


The presentation is an introduction to the background, definition and big ideas of PLCs as well as Harvard's Data Team Process. It also provides information on how to contribute to PLCs in school settings.

Context For Use

This is a 2 hour presentation and forms part 1 in a series of workshops designed for large groups of educators who are new to PLCs and Data Teams.


  • Knowledge Acquisition - Participants have the opportunity to learn about a well evidenced framework to support teaching and learning in schools to improve outcomes for all.


Find Out More

Learning by doing, Dufour, R. & DuFour, R., (2006).

See work by ETSB: The Four PLC Driving Questions