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Problem of Practice


To have an individual present a problem of practice to colleagues, so they can bring forward solutions.


The consultancy protocol provides a structured format, comprising of a set schedule (50± minutes) and specific guidelines for communication among participants. It enables a group, known as the consultancy group, to analyze a complex or difficult question arising from the professional practice of one of its members, and to bring forward solutions.

Context For Use

To be used during a Lead Data Team seminar. This activity can be adapted and used by a Professional Learning Community (PLC) or Data Team. Can it be used by schools that do not yet have data teams or PLCs but have a problem that they want to address collaboratively.



  • Knowledge acquisition

  • Knowledge activation

  • Knowledge transfer - Transfers the knowledge acquired from one participant to others, so it can that shared and used in consultation.


  •  There must be high level of trust and understanding between group members

  •  Success of the activity  is dependent on the participation of all or most of its members.

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