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Recall to Reflect About Visible Learning

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EBP Project


This activity is designed to allow time for participants to recall information and reflect on the concepts learned at a conference or workshop and to discover new relationships between them by drawing a concept map. In this example, Visible Learning was the theme used to create a concept map.


Participants recall the core concepts learned through reading or attending professional development sessions and graphically illustrate the relationships between these concepts.

Context For Use

This activity was created for use during a Lead Data Team Professional Development Seminar. This activity can be adapted and used by a Professional Learning Community (PLC) or Data Team attending professional development sessions, or studying a new theory, such as Visible Learning, as a group.


  • Knowledge representation: Creating a concept map allows participants to visually represent knowledge they’ve acquired.
  • Knowledge management: The concept map has the added benefit of providing a record or review of what has been learned.
  • Knowledge acquisition:  The activity helps to assimilate ideas and the relationships between them.
  • Knowledge activation: It also gives educators time and space to recall topics that they have learned about.
  • Knowledge transfer: Concept maps also provide a way of debriefing.



 First time users need to be guided in how to develop a concept map

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