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Scavenger Hunt

Developed by

EBP Project


This ice-breaker provides an interactive and thought-provoking start to a seminar, workshop or meeting to activate participants' prior knowledge.


The download is a sheet of paper, given to participants, with several questions written in individual boxes. Participants walk around asking other participants to answer a question on their sheet.

Context For Use

This short activity is used as an ice-breaker and warm-up activity during  Lead DataTeam professional development seminars. This tool can be adapted and used by a Professional Learning Community (PLC)  or Data Team.


  • Knowledge activation - The Scavenger Hunt is designed to activate participants’ prior  knowledge.
  • Knowledge management - This activity supports the recall of topics discussed at previous professional development sessions and helps participants to actively manage the information attained.



  • The activity should be short and fast-paced. Participants should have a time limit to gather information (e.g. 30 seconds per question).
  • The activity encourages open discussion about previous learning and starts a dialogue related to the acquisition of information for the day ahead.
  • The scavenger hunt can be used with different topics.

Find Out More

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