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School Data Team: A Testimonial

Developed by

Lise Charlebois & Marcelle Auger, LBPSB with St-Lawrence Academy Senior


This is an introductory presentation designed to support schools in their first year of data team implementation by providing the necessary tools and frameworks to help give meaning and structure to the process.


A first-hand account of a school's journey through their first year of the data team process. It highlights various models that they used to direct them through structuring the team, data collection and analysis and goal setting.  These include data team roles, the 8 step data wise improvement model and data-driven dialogue.

Context For Use

This is a useful presentation for any Professional Learning Community (PLC) or school success team who is in the early stages of implementation and interested in learning about helpful tools to guide the process.


  • Knowledge Acquisition - The process of learning about another school’s journey through the creation of data teams allows participants to reflect on their own work and consider how to move forward.
  • Knowledge Development - While participants may already have some knowledge of data teams, the presentation helps them to develop this further by considering different tools and models to assist them.
  • Knowledge Sharing - Schools can learn from each other while sharing their different experiences of creating and working in Data Teams.


  • The presentation can be used in parts or as a whole.
  • Participants would benefit from attending an introductory workshop on Data Teams and viewing the other EBP resources relevant to Data Teams.

Find Out More

Data Wise: A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Assessment Results to Improve Teaching and Learning, Boudett, K. P. (ed.), (2013).

The Data Teams Experience: A Guide for Effective Meetings, Peery, A., (2011).

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