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School Success Data Analysis

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This is an introductory presentation for school teams on how to analyze data quadrants in order to positively impact student learning.


The workshop provides detailed explanations on how to use various methods of data analysis by creating quadrant profiles with assessment data such as BAS, report cards, exams and "CCATS".

Context For Use

This  presentation is designed for mid-size school teams of teachers and administrators and is to be given in a group setting. In order to improve student success, the information given is ideally brought back and shared with all school staff. The information and examples can also be reviewed by data teams throughout their data team process.


  • Knowledge Acquisition - Participants learn how to triangulate information they have on students in order to create a better understanding of each student’s support needs.  
  • Knowledge Activation - Encourages participants to think about what they already know about students and how to use that information more effectively.  
  • Knowledge Mobilization - The use of quadrants to explore a variety of data encourages educators to make connections between theory and practice in order to improve outcomes for each student.


  • To be used in parts or as a whole for presentations to school data teams
  • Follow-up with school teams is recommended.

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