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Schools on the Map (Implementation of data teams)

Developed by

EBP Project


To identify the number of data teams or Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) that have been implemented across the nine English School Boards in Quebec.

To gauge the level of implementation of data teams and PLCs on a given territory.

To identify current and future needs with regards to implementations of data teams.

To determine future actions of existing data teams with school principals.

To develop a common definition of level of implementation of PLCs or data teams.


A three-part activity over two and a half hours that: Creates a visual representation of schools with PLC/Data teams and describe the level of development for each;  Maps all the actions needed to be taken to meet the goal of one data team per school; and Identifies one school principal to determine the support they need to help the school’s PLC/Data Team move forward.

Context For Use

This activity can be adapted and used by school board administrators and professionals for data collection, planning and decision-making about the implementation of PLC/Data teams. Participants have prior knowledge of PLCs, Data Teams, and their implementation.


  • Knowledge activation -Consolidates participants past learning. Participants make links to models they have studied.
  • Knowledge acquisition -Confirms for participants that they have integrated the models they have been exposed to into their thinking.
  • Knowledge acquisition -Provides participants with evidence of deep learning.
  • Knowledge management -Helps participants see the impact they are having.
  • Knowledge mobilization -Provides a way for participants to walk the theory and make it visible by exploring the very complex and integrated process of implementing and maintaining a data team in each school.
  • Knowledge transfer -Visibly seeing the schools on the map helps participants understand where they are in this process . It enables the participants to switch from knowledge to action.


  • Background knowledge of working with the data-wise process and data teams is essential to benefit from this workshop.
  • Participants must have done some professional reading on the topic.

Find Out More

Data Wise: A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Assessment Results to Improve Teaching and Learning, Boudett, K. P., 2008.