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Shared Literature Review

Developed by

EBP Project


This activity encourages participants to share what they have learned through the literature on formative assessment.


This is a collaborative team exercise that looks at the professional literature on formative assessment; specifically about giving feedback, self-assessment and goal setting. The attached document details all the preparations and materials needed as well as the procedures to run this activity. Reading are also detailed.

Context For Use

This activity has been designed for use during Lead Data Team seminars. It can be adapted and used by a Professional Learning Community (PLC) or Data Team. The Subject and content of the literature review can also be changed depending on the group’s learning and priorities.


  • Knowledge mobilization: The questions asked of participants during the sharing of their reading allows them to take information from the research and connect it to their practice.
  • Knowledge transfer: Participants share ideas on how to build expertise across their establishment.
  • Knowledge acquisition: This activity provides participants the opportunity to gain new knowledge on a subject such as formative assessment and to deepen their learning.


Find Out More

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