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Sharing solutions from the literature

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EBP Project


The purpose of this activity is to support educators in moving from theory to practice with the knowledge they have acquired through reading the literature and attending workshops and seminars.


This is a two-hour long activity that explores the professional literature on a given topic for solutions to a problem of practice.

Step 1: Break the group into four reading teams and provide each team with a book.

Step 2: Specify the time frame for the activity.

Step 3: Ask reading teams to identify chapters that offer solutions to a certain problem of practice, i.e. dealing with resistance to change.

Step 4: Ask each member to read an identified chapter to find solutions.

Step 5: At the end of the time period, have each reading team share and then categorize the solutions found under: conditions, processes and environment.

Step 6: Reconvene and share findings.

Step 7: Ask participants for their feedback on the activity: What solutions did you find that you could use in your own practice?

Context For Use

This activity was designed for use  during a Lead Data Team seminar. It can be adapted and used by a Professional Learning Community (PLC)/Data Team.


  • Knowledge mobilization: The activity takes information from the research and connects it to practice.
  • Knowledge acquisition: It provides an opportunity for participants to deepen their learning.
  • Knowledge transfer: The group activity provides an opportunity for collaborative learning. Categorizing solutions provides an understanding of where best to apply the solutions.


Determining the theme in advance and obtaining the relevant books to support that theme is necessary.

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