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Shelfie: This is what I’m reading these days….

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The purpose of this exercise is to share a book review and engage in conversation with colleagues in order to expand and deepen learning on topics related to teaching and learning.


A 30-second selfie cell phone video/picture (with accompanying audio) is taken in front of a bookshelf. The reviewer holds a book that has influenced their professional practice, highlights its key elements, and explains why it had an influence on their work. This can then be shared with colleagues via social media or a shared drive. The attached document provides the facilitator with the necessary information to prepare and implement this exercise.


Context For Use

This exercise is for use as an icebreaker at a Lead Data team seminar. It can be used in a variety of professional development settings with education professionals, principals, teachers, and even students. For example, a photo booth to record the Shelfies can be set up for the activity or it can be produced and uploaded in advance and then shared during a professional or classroom activity.


  • Knowledge transfer: Posting the Shelfies transfers the knowledge acquired from one participant to another.
  • Knowledge management: Collating the Shelfies inventories a collection of professional reading reviews.
  • Knowledge mobilization: This exercise provides an opportunity for the reader to reflect on what they have read and to focus on the transfer of key points in a chapter or book into practice.
  • Knowledge acquisition: Reading the literature enhances or deepens educators’ understanding of a particular approach.



  • Success of the activity depends on the participation of all or most of its members.
  • Participants should be informed in advance that they will be asked to create a photo or video with their chosen book.

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