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Unpacking Data Sources: Environmental Factors

Developed by

Student Services Department, (LBPSB)


This presentation was developed to support Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and school success teams to use environmental objectives in response to the Ministry's Strategic Plan on wellness.


This downloadable resource provides questions and ideas for school teams to consider when analyzing data related to students' attitudes, behaviours and perceptions. In addition, various types of data sources are suggested as starting points.

Context For Use

The PowerPoint presentation is a short introductory workshop intended to help school teams to initiate discussions between administrators, teachers and school professionals about how to collect and use available data to address areas of concern and implement measurable initiatives for improvements.


  • Knowledge Acquisition - participants learn about environmental data sources.
  • Knowledge Activation - Educators reflect on how to use available and attainable data around environmental factors to address areas of concern in schools.
  • Knowledge Transfer - participants consider how to use information about their students in data teams to take forward priorities highlighted in the Ministry's Strategic Plan on wellness.



This presentation can be used in combination with a larger presentation that incorporates academic and social data analysis.

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