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What Do We Already Do?

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This handout allows teachers to keep track of the practices and activities currently used in the assessment for learning.


This form consists of two columns. The first column lists seven learning strategies. The second column, to be completed by teachers, is where they list the practices and activities they currently use in their work with students.

Context For Use

This handout is intended to be used with teachers as their first step in analyzing instructional strategies for diverse contexts: school, class, and subject area. It can be used with teachers at any type of meeting.


  • Knowledge acquisition - This activity provides an active way to engage teachers in reflecting on their use of learning strategies, and discuss good practice with other teachers.


  • It can be used when introducing the concept of formative assessment.
  • This handout is designed for teams of two, but can be completed by individual teachers and then shared with the team to elicit further discussion.

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